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What Is Smart Siding?

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When we think about siding options for our homes, we often think of the usual suspects: fiber cement, vinyl, and traditional wood siding. These have been the stalwarts of home protection for many years. However, a new player has been making waves in the industry: engineered wood. At the forefront of this innovation is LP SmartSide, a brand synonymous with durability, beauty, and versatility, especially for homes in Kansas City.

Understanding LP SmartSide: The Construction and Composition

What is Smart Siding? Smart Siding or LP SmartSiding is residenitial building material  made from engineered wood. While engineered wood products like Smart Siding have improved over the years, they still do not have the insect, climate, woodpecker and moisture resistance of other premium home siding products such as fiber cement siding.

LP SmartSide is a marvel of modern construction. It is a product birthed from the fusion of natural wood and cutting-edge manufacturing materials. The result? Siding that boasts strength, longevity, and premium protection for your home.

The secret to LP SmartSide’s robust performance lies in its SmartGuard process. This involves treating every single wood strand with a unique blend of substances:

  • Zinc borate: An organic compound that ensures your siding panels are shielded from the ravages of fungal decay and the menace of termites.
  • Resins: A coating of marine-grade resin imparts a formidable resistance against extreme impacts and unpredictable temperature shifts.
  • Waxes: Specialized waterproof waxes envelope each strand of wood, creating an impenetrable barrier against rain, humidity, and snow.
  • Overlay: A finishing layer that not only bolsters moisture protection but also endows the siding boards with a sophisticated, polished appearance.

Diverse Offerings: LP SmartSide Product Range

Beyond its undeniable strength, LP SmartSide is a visual delight. There’s a plethora of choices available to homeowners, ranging from colors and styles to unique designs:

  • Lap siding: Typically applied horizontally, these panels exude a timeless charm, crafting a cozy and welcoming exterior.
  • Panel and vertical siding: Installed vertically, these boards introduce a bold curb appeal, often leveraged to achieve the in-vogue board-and-batten appearance.
  • Shingles and shakes: These design elements add a touch of architectural intricacy, perfect for accent walls or gables.
  • Trim, fascia, and soffit: Beyond their protective function around windows, doors, and walls, these components can dramatically enhance the aesthetic appeal of a home.

And for those passionate about color, LP’s ExpertFinish collection showcases an array of hues, each one applied using a factory-finished acrylic latex paint, ensuring lasting beauty. Alternatively, homeowners can opt for pre-primed siding, which allows for the freedom to paint in any desired shade.

Why Choose LP SmartSide? Distinctive Advantages

LP SmartSide offers homeowners several compelling benefits:

  • Minimalistic Design: Thanks to the 16-foot length of SmartSide panels, there are fewer seams, ensuring both protection and an aesthetically pleasing design.
  • Swift Installation: The lightweight nature of engineered wood means that LP SmartSide products can be installed with ease, translating to reduced labor costs.
  • Easy Upkeep: With just an annual cleanse using a soft brush and a mix of detergent, LP’s products remain pristine.
  • Assured Protection: A testament to its quality, LP SmartSide products are backed by a staggering 50-year limited warranty.

LP SmartSide Installation: Elevate Your Kansas City Home’s Aesthetics

For those in Kansas City, if the vast world of siding choices feels daunting, consider partnering with seasoned local contractors, like Distinctive Home Exteriors. We possess the expertise to flawlessly install SmartSide boards and guide homeowners in selecting the most complementary styles, colors, and designs for their homes.

Experience the transformative, homeowner-endorsed advantages of LP SmartSide installation with Distinctive Home Exteriors today!

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