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Deck Builder Kansas City

Deck Builder Kansas City

At Distinctive Home Exteriors, we believe that your home’s exterior should be as distinctive as the people who live inside it. We are proud to serve the Kansas City area as the premier deck builder, offering a wide range of options to transform your outdoor space into a true extension of your home. With a passion for craftsmanship and a commitment to excellence, we create decks that not only enhance the beauty of your property but also provide a durable and enjoyable outdoor space for years to come.

In Kansas City, where outdoor living is a way of life, having a deck that withstands the elements is essential. Distinctive Home Exteriors specializes in creating decks that can endure the test of time while reflecting your unique style and preferences. Our team of skilled professionals brings years of experience and attention to detail to every project, ensuring that your deck is not just built, but crafted with precision and care.

Composite Decks

Durability Meets Elegance

Experience the perfect blend of durability and elegance with our composite decks. Engineered to withstand Kansas City’s diverse weather conditions, our composite decks offer style, low maintenance, and long-lasting beauty. Say goodbye to staining and fading, and say hello to years of enjoyment in a variety of styles and colors.

With our comprehensive warranty and expert installation services, you can trust that your composite deck from Distinctive Home Exteriors will remain beautiful and functional for many seasons to come. Let us elevate your outdoor space into a stunning and hassle-free extension of your home.

Cedar Decks

Timeless Beauty with Natural Charm

Choose the timeless allure of cedar decks to bring the beauty of nature right to your backyard. Cedar is renowned for its natural beauty, durability, and warm, inviting ambiance. It’s the perfect choice for those who appreciate a classic and rustic aesthetic.

In addition to its natural charm, cedar’s resistance to moisture, decay, and insects makes it an ideal material for long-lasting outdoor enjoyment. Our expert craftsmen take pride in creating unique cedar decks that enhance your home’s overall appeal, creating a space for relaxation or entertaining that’s truly distinctive.

Pressure Treated Wood Decks

Affordable and Built to Last

Opt for our pressure-treated wood decks for an affordable yet sturdy decking solution. Engineered to resist decay and termite damage, these decks offer a long-lasting and secure outdoor area for your family. It’s a practical choice that doesn’t compromise on quality or safety, ensuring your peace of mind for years to come.

Our skilled craftsmen take pride in building pressure-treated wood decks that are both functional and visually appealing. With custom design options, you can personalize your deck to perfectly match your style and preferences. Enjoy your outdoor space with confidence, knowing you have a durable and beautifully crafted deck from Distinctive Home Exteriors.

Covered Decks

Enjoy the Outdoors, Rain or Shine

Transform your outdoor area into a haven for all seasons with our covered decks. Whether it’s a sunny summer day or a rainy evening, our covered decks ensure that you can enjoy your outdoor moments in comfort, regardless of the weather. These decks are more than just additions; they are seamless extensions of your living space, providing protection and versatility throughout the year.

Distinctive Home Exteriors takes pride in crafting covered decks that seamlessly integrate with your home’s design, whether it’s modern or traditional. Our team of experts will work closely with you to create an outdoor sanctuary that perfectly balances functionality and elegance. Say goodbye to weather-related interruptions and hello to year-round outdoor enjoyment with a covered deck from Distinctive Home Exteriors.


Elegant Outdoor Structures for Added Charm

Enhance your outdoor area’s charm with our custom-designed pergolas. Perfect for gardens, patios, or poolside spaces, our pergolas provide a beautiful framework for climbing plants, creating a serene and picturesque outdoor retreat.

Our pergolas are expertly crafted with durability and aesthetics in mind. They not only serve as a visual delight but also as a long-lasting addition to your outdoor living space. Whether you’re looking to enhance your leisure time or host memorable gatherings, a Fairway Exteriors pergola adds an ambient setting to your outdoor experience. With a variety of designs and materials to choose from, we tailor each pergola to complement your home’s unique style and meet your personal preferences.

In Summary

At Distinctive Home Exteriors, we are more than just exterior remodelers; we are creators of personalized outdoor experiences. Whether it’s the elegance of our composite decks, the natural allure of cedar, the affordability and durability of pressure treated wood, the versatility of covered decks, or the charm of pergolas, our offerings are tailored to meet your unique needs. Our unwavering commitment to quality craftsmanship and client satisfaction is evident in every project we undertake. With Distinctive Home Exteriors, your deck is not just a structure; it’s a foundation for creating lifelong memories and transforming your outdoor space into a true reflection of your style.

Frequently Asked Questions

Distinctive Home Exteriors offers a diverse range of decking options to suit your preferences, including composite decks, cedar decks, pressure treated wood decks, covered decks, and pergolas.
At Distinctive Home Exteriors, we prioritize quality and durability. Our experienced professionals use top-tier materials and employ precise craftsmanship to ensure that your deck withstands the test of time, weather, and everyday use. We stand by our commitment to excellence and offer comprehensive warranties to guarantee the long-lasting quality of our work.
Absolutely! We specialize in creating personalized outdoor spaces that reflect your unique style and needs. Whether you have specific design ideas, materials, or functionality requirements, our team will work closely with you to tailor your deck to perfectly fit your lifestyle and preferences. Your satisfaction and vision are our top priorities.


Kansas City Deck Builder

shingle siding

Shingle Siding

Get the authenticity of cedar shingles with the strength of James Hardie. Better than the real thing, it resists rotting, curling, warping, and splitting.

USE IT FOR: Looks great on Cape Cods and cottage-style homes. But if you like the look, don’t limit yourself. Use Hardie® Shingle siding to highlight a gable or accent the top half of your house.
panel siding

Panel Vertical Siding

Combine with Hardie® Trim Boards for a rustic board-and-batten look. Or, go for the more minimalist look of simple vertical lines.

USE IT FOR: Works well with farmhouse-style or modern homes.
plank lap

Plank Lap Siding

Not only our best-selling product, it’s North America’s most popular brand of siding. Create a timeless design with a full spectrum of colors and textures.
soffit siding

Soffit Panel Siding

Reinforce the vulnerable gap between eaves and exterior walls to protect your home from moisture and pests For complete confidence, take that extra step.

USE IT FOR: For complete confidence, use James Hardie brand products to wrap your entire exterior.
trim board

Trim Board Siding

Accentuate corners, columns, friezes, doors, windows and more. Add that final flourish to your design statement.

USE IT FOR: Trim provides a great way to introduce colors, whether contrasting your primary house color, or using a darker or lighter shade.

The Social Proof

Distinctively Satisfied Homeowners

Testimonials from Our Valued Clients

Professional & Easy

I interviewed seven companies from the “Certified James Hardie’s Preferred List.”  Watching their four installers was like watching a perfect choreograph dance. His four workers enjoyed working together. His four workers were professional, polite, hard workers, arrived early stayed late.
Ken was professional and extremely easy to work with.

Carol Allen

Olathe, KS

Exceeded Expectations

Ken and team installed siding in 2010 under previous home owners and immediately responded to my request to inspect a caulking issue that was recently discovered. Even though the warranty had expired and they were backed up with projects, the issue was fixed within 24 hours of the initial inspection at no cost. This is the type of service, expertise, and professionalism I look for with contractors and Distinctive exceeded all expectations. Great group to work with.

Stafford Hughes

Overland Park, KS

"Hard Working"

This is the company we chose for siding for our home, based on a neighbor’s recommendation. Ken was amazing to work with, and his crew was fast, hard working, and professional. Our house looks great!

Suzanne Andrews

Leawood, KS

Saved Us Money

They came out to give us a siding quote after a half a dozen other companies gave us large price tags a lot of work that need to be done, Distinctive Exteriors gave us an honest answer about that our siding actually did not need to be replaced and end up saving us a ton of money! Would recommend them 1000 times over.

Jeff Carter

Lenexa, KS


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