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Frequently Asked Questions
About James Hardie Siding

Here are some of the questions that we receive most often from our customers. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, or simply want to speak with us, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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As a James Hardie installer, we’re in the middle. Can you find a contractor who will do your siding job for less money? Sure. Will you get the same superior installation and products? Probably not. On the other hand, you don’t want to overpay for your siding job—going with the highest bid isn’t always a surefire way to get quality, either. We offer a fair price on a great job that you will love for years to come. But what you want to look for when hiring a contractor is not necessarily the price he offers, but his reputation. We have a SPOTLESS record with our customers. Problems occur less than 1% of the time. And in the rare cases they do happen, we are right there to take care of the problem—10, 15, 30 years down the line.

Absolutely not. I did some sales when I worked directly for James Hardie, and I hated it. Not saying sales is a bad job... it’s just not MY thing. Never has been, never will be. I’d rather assess your situation and provide you with the BEST solution for YOU. And if my no-pressure approach costs me a few dollars here and there, so be it. My main priority is that YOU are satisfied and get the best deal possible.

No. We used to offer financing but home equity loans or lines of credit are usually more economical.
Many companies offer different free financing options. That financing expense is rolled into the cost of the project. There is nothing free about financing. In the end you pay the costs.

The key is estimating the job thoroughly on the front end, and the ability to do that properly comes mostly from experience. We’ve done so many siding projects that we have a VERY good handle on exactly what a given job is going to entail, and we’ll give you a detailed estimate so you can review it. The only way the price will go up is if you (the customer) decide to add things mid-job. We strive to work through as many alternatives and options on the front end as possible to minimize your desire to make changes later.

I’ve worked with the same crew for over 5 years. Installing James Hardie siding is ALL they do. They never use profanity, play loud music, or leave a mess behind. They are completely respectful of your home, and their only concern is to make your siding project as easy and smooth as possible.

James Hardie siding comes with a 30 year, non-prorated warranty. I match that with my own 30 year labor warranty, which is three times longer than the industry standard. I stand by my work for decades because I truly feel that my crew and I do superior-quality work that will last you a long, long time.

Yes. I personally perform all estimates in-person to give you a 100% accurate quote. I don’t play guessing games with you. When we tell you how much it’s going to cost, that’s how much it’s going to cost. Our estimates are always no-pressure and no-obligation, so you will never feel you’re being forced into a situation you’re uncomfortable with. If you’re interested in an estimate, contact us today.

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If you have questions about Distinctive Home Exteriors and our installation process, check out our General FAQ.