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How Long Does it Take to Demo Old Siding and Re-Install New Siding?

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Homes, with their individual histories and structures, are like fingerprints—each one unique and distinctive. Given this reality, the process to demo old siding and installing new ones presents a set of challenges.

Unpredictable Nature of Siding Projects

Beneath the external sheen of a home’s siding often lie stories untold. Previous renovations, additional structures, or even seemingly minor changes can significantly alter the course of a siding project.

As we peel away the layers, there’s always an element of unpredictability. From concealed water damage to unexpected structural concerns, these hidden tales can add both time and complexity to the process.

The Timeline: Demo Old Siding

Often homeowners seek a concrete timeline for their project. While it’s understandable, the truth is that the process to demo old siding and install new ones is more art than science.

Demolition Duration

A best-case scenario might see a home’s siding removed in one to three days. However, larger properties or homes with intricate designs might extend this phase. Discoveries made during this stage, such as compromised studs or rot, can further extend this timeline.

Installation Variances

Installing the new siding, too, holds its set of variables. Elements like the size and height of the house, unexpected findings from the demolition stage, and even the terrain play a role.

A house perched atop a hill, requiring 30-foot ladders for installation, can add several days to the project. Conversely, a ranch-style home with minimal complications can wrap up within a week.

But beyond the physical structure, other factors come into play:

  • Weather Delays: External elements, particularly weather, can play spoilsport. For instance, consecutive days of rain make it challenging to work on siding, windows, or doors.
  • Pre-existing Damage: Issues spotted during the initial evaluation or during the demo, like significant wood rot, must be addressed before new siding goes up, potentially adding days to the project.
  • Exterior Features: Additional structures or features, such as an elaborate deck, can add layers of complexity and time to the installation phase.

Setting the Stage with Clear Communication: Demo Old Siding

Effective communication is vital for managing expectations. The duration to demo old siding and fit new ones is not set in stone, but rests heavily on each home’s unique challenges.

The Initial Walk-Through

An initial assessment allows us to identify potential complications. Should we spot indications of rot or other damage, we’ll bring them to your attention. This proactive approach ensures that homeowners are never in the dark, even if the project timeline might remain fluid.

Flexibility and Patience

An essential aspect for homeowners to understand is the necessity for flexibility. A pristine-looking home might reveal hidden challenges extending the project to several weeks, while another that seems daunting might wrap up within a week.

Conclusion: Demo Old Siding and Re-Install New Siding

In conclusion, the journey to replace old siding with new is as unique as the homes themselves. While it’s fraught with unpredictability, a seasoned contractor’s expertise, combined with transparent communication, ensures a smooth transition, breathing new life into your home’s exterior. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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