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The Greatest Siding In The World Is Only
As Good As The Company That Installs It.

And As The Only James Hardie Preferred Remodeler
Who Has Also Worked Directly For Hardie,
You Are Guaranteed A Superior-Quality Installation.

I’ll admit it. When it comes to installing James Hardie siding, being a former James Hardie employee definitely has its advantages. The truth is that I know James Hardie Siding inside and out.

In fact, I used to teach other contractors how to install the product when I worked for the company. And the way some companies install HardiePlank wants to make me beat my head against a wall.

Look, I’m not saying other companies do a bad job–far from it. Some companies are pretty good at installing siding. But the James Hardie installation manual is a gigantic 128 pages… and I follow every word of it to a “T.” I know Hardie siding so well that it literally causes me physical pain to see it installed at anything less than 100% correct.

Since the Hardie installation manual is so comprehensive and detailed, you’re bound to run into an installation problem or two if your hire a siding company that is NOT a James Hardie Preferred Installer (we are) and does NOT know the product inside and out (we do). You’re simply playing the odds.

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Let Me Give You An Example.

Some companies don’t use the proper clearances when installing siding. Whether it’s because they cut corners or just don’t know any better, I’m not sure. But I do know that if the siding or trim is setting directly on the roof (meaning the proper clearances weren’t used), it can capture moisture.

The same thing happens if the siding is sitting directly in the ground. The moisture from the ground can seep into the siding and can cause it to breakdown. And you and I definitely know that moisture can wreak havoc on your home… and wallet.

I always, always, always make sure to use the proper clearances. ALWAYS. You will NEVER have to worry about moisture wicking up from the bottom your siding. Sure, I could give you 79 more examples of things I do that some companies don’t. But I’ll keep things brief and tell you that we’ve perfected our installation systems to ensure superior-quality installation.

And Even After The Installation Part Of Your Project
Is Complete, I’m Still Not Finished.

It takes my crew and me at least half a day to ensure all the small details of your project pass our rigorous quality standards. We take our time to ensure every nail is properly finished, every scrap of material is cleaned up, everything is caulked correctly, and more.

Anything that isn’t 100% correct, I don’t even think twice about fixing. If even the smallest problem exists, it MUST be fixed before I consider the job done. End of story.

We’re One Of Just A Handful Of James Hardie
Preferred Remodelers In The Kansas City Area.

I’m proud to say that because Hardie makes it extremely hard to maintain a Preferred status. We have to submit the information of every project to Guild Quality, and Hardie installation specialists can audit any of our siding projects at any time completely unannounced.

Not that we’ve ever had a problem with these inspections–we’ve passed them all with flying colors. In fact, we take the transparency a step further and have Guild Quality publish our reviews, just so you can see how superior our work really is.

But I Can’t Take All The Credit–I’m Nothing Without My Crew.

Many companies are lucky to keep a solid crew intact for 2 years. I’ve been blessed to have the same small group of installers for over 5 years. Installing James Hardie is literally ALL they do.

My crew is always courteous and respectful of your home. They never smoke, never play loud music, and never use profanity. Heck, they never even go to the bathroom. When we work on your project, we’re more machine than human.

And To Make Sure Everything With Your Project Goes Smoothly,
I’m Onsite Every Single Day.

I insist on performing one job–start to finish–at a time so I can give COMPLETE attention to your project. And to show just how committed I am to your satisfaction, I match Hardie’s 30-year warranty with a 30-year warranty of my own.

Once we complete your siding project, you’ll know why we have a 5-star rating on Guild Quality and an “A” rating with the Better Business Bureau. So contact us today to schedule your free, no-obligation, no pressure consultation.

home siding kansas city

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